Wunderbar Pet Sitting and Pet Taxi servicing New Braunfels and surrounding areas!
Initial Consultation FREE

25-30 Min.
Please call for pricing
Overnights $48 (8 hours)
Day Care $75 - 8 hours per day Tue- Fri,

$95 Sat-Mon.

Travel Charges

We use Mapquest.com, look up the minutes from your home to our office. Use the following address to check distance:

200-279 Pennsylvania Blvd.
New Braunfels, TX. 78130

Minutes To Your Home: ___
Your Travel Fee: $ ____


Mins Price
0-9 Free
10-12 $2
13-15 $3
16-18 $4
19-21 $5
Each minute over 21 $1 (+$5)
Holidays $3

Additional pets over 2
= $2.00 per visit

Please schedule adequate time to provide the services requested. If your pet or home needs more time then scheduled, it will be added as needed and billed to you.

Holiday Fees Apply To:

  • Easter weekend (Fri., Sat., Sun.)
  • Spring Break week
  • Memorial Day weekend (Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon.)
  • 4th of July thru the following weekend
  • Labor Day weekend (Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon.)
  • Thanksgiving (Wed. - Sun.)
  • Christmas/New Year (Dec. 23 - Jan. 2)
Initial Booking Consultation

When you call Wunderbar Pet Sitting and Pet Taxi we arrange for a free getting to know you/consultation to your home. This required meeting will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service. To which will include the following:

  • Make acquaintance with you and your super pets.
  • Detail information on what services you would like for your pets.
  • Sign a veterinary release in case of emergencies.
  • Pick up a door key.
  • Complete a Service Request.
  • Advance payment by check or cash.

Hourly Care Minimum 60-70 Min.

Choose 1 hour increments of care.


Regular Visit 25-30 Min.

Our most popular choice. Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings, walks, and play. Most dogs will require 2-4 Regular visits per day.



Daily Dog Walking

$20 for 30 minute walk. $30 for 1 hour walk.
For those who are away from their pets for long hours. Set up a schedule to give your dog a midday break for some exercise and personal people time.


Pet Taxi

$35/hr + costs
If you have a pet that has a vet or grooming appointment, we'll make sure they make it there in a safe and timely manner. Additional service fees depending on distance.


Pet Errands

$20.00/half hour + costs
Puppy need more food? Short on kitty litter? We'll pick up your essential pet products for you at the local pet or grocery store.

Cage Cleaning

Would you like your small animal to have a clean cage upon your return?


Poop Pickup - (litter box is free)

$4.00/day with any other service
$30.00/month for weekly pickup service alone.

Important Terms

Payment is due before service starts.

$8.00 for key return or additional pickup

Free if key is provided during initial interview and is kept on file for future assignments; for your safety it is coded and kept in a lockbox.

Refunds & Cancellations
Holiday Payment in full is charged (no refunds)
0-48 Hrs Payment in full is charged (no refunds)
2-7 Days 20% of Service total is due (80% refund)
8+ Days No charge, refund in full
(830) 832-8518 
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